His Plans

It is not thou that shapest God; it is God that shapest thee.

If then thou are the work of God, await the hand of the Artist who does all things in due season.

Offer Him thy heart soft and tractable and keep the form in which the Artist has fashioned thee.

Let thy clay be moist, lest thou grow hard and lose the imprint of His fingers.

What awesome thoughts Leonard Sweet shares in his book, “A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Cafe”, page 16. Leonard writes in a style that I thoroughly enjoy and understand, conversational writing.

One of the things that the Lord has spoken to me over the years, is that He wanted me to stop trying to figure things out, but rather to sit at His feet and listen and then I read the following statement by Leonard, “Right now God wants to prepare us for something that we cannot possibly understand or predict. Only by accepting “not-knowing” will we be accepted into the heart of existence itself. Only by accepting God’s plan, not ours, will we find ultimate fulfillment. In the words of God through the prophet Jeremiah, “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans of peace not of disaster, plans to bring about the future you hoped for” (Jeremiah 29:11 Authors paraphrase)

As I read that, it spoke volumes to me and it was also a wake-up call. That the Lord has been trying to get my attention.

It seemed no matter where I turned, what I read, that particular verse has a way of showing up in conversation, other blogs, letters I receive, no matter what, that verse was like a flashing neon sign to me from the Lord and I think it is beginning to sink in, that His plans, are good plans.

That He wants to remind us, that He is the potter, we are the clay. That it is only as we allow the things of life, the things that we go through, even when we don’t understand the why of it to keep us moist, pliable in His hands.

We have a choice, to be bitter or better, to yield to the Master Potter, knowing that when He is done, we will be a work of art in His hands, that will reflect the reality of who He is and what He has done, that He has taken the broken, wounded vessels and makes them to be the works of His hands to shine forth the life He has breathe within.

Leonard goes on to say “God sends to each of us various and sundry windows of opportunity to meet Him. All of life’s exercises, are the preparations to leap forth in faith through these moving, open windows. It is an institutional head-on plunge into the unknown and unpredictable.”

It is a leap of faith, of trust, of taking what we have and are going through and allowing it to bring us ever closer to our Father and realizing indeed His plans are good plans, for us!!

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Into The Market Place

I remember a number of years ago, when I was living in Kennesaw, having coffee, at a local coffee shop, there were three men, sitting at one of the tables, studying, fellow-shipping and letting their light shine, not drawing attention to themselves, but simply being themselves, allowing the light of Christ to shine forth.

One of the things that I noticed, was those that came in, passing their table, took notice of them, I saw smiles on their faces and noticed how they were listening. Most of you know that when your in a coffee shop or any other place, often times, we overhear other conversations, though we try not too 🙂

As a matter of fact, that is how I came to be part of that group of men, when I first visited that coffee shop in Kennesaw back in 2005 and something that I look forward to each Saturday morning, till I moved. And now I am part of a group called Common Grounds, that meets at The Rev Coffee Shop, as I got to observe them, they, like my friends in Kennesaw, simply reflected by their actions, that light, that peace, that draws others!

Our lives, effects others, whether we know it or not, because it is not what we say, rather more often, it is what our life reflects. A seed is planted in ways we may not really realize, because someone see’s or senses something different about us.

The light that shines forth, may plant a seed of hunger, of wonder, making them wanting to know what is it that is different, what gives us the peace, that rest that they sense?

We may plant the seed, another may water it and someone else, may reap the harvest, of being able to share with that person, what it is that is different, what gives us hope and a purpose.

I can hear in my heart, the Father saying, “Just let the light shine, let my son be seen in you. That my love, my heart, my compassion can be seen through you, that it will reach out and drawn others to the light of my presence in you and you can share that which have I given you, new life, new beginnings in my Son.”

“Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples–when they see the love you have for each other.” (John 13:34-35 – The Message)

How uncomplicated is our Lord. The greatest commandment that we have been given is that we love even as He loved us, to forgive as He has forgiven, to live as He lived, to live in the newness of life.

To walk daily afresh with Him. Side by side, leaning on His shoulder and saying, “Yes Lord, this day, I walk with you into life, into the market place and I will let your light shine!”




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In The Midst

In the midst of the pain, in the midst of despair,
in the midst of it all, You are there!

In the midst of failure, in the midst of hopelessness,
You are there!

In the midst of a heart broken, in the midst of life shattered,
You are there!

In the midst of tears flowing, You are all knowing and You are there!!

In the midst of life’s turmoils, when all seems at an end, You are there!

In the midst, when we want to quit, You are there!

When our hearts cry out, no more, please no more, you are there!

In the midst of Light breaking and Life flowing, You are there!

In the midst of restoration, of mending, you are there!

With life flowing, With Hope knowing, You are there!

In the midst of it all, Father, in the midst of it all,
You are there!

In the midst of Your presence, in the midst of your Spirit,
in the midst of who you are, We are there!!

For in Your midst, Our hearts heal, our wounds seal, and life

In your midst we see that You and You alone are the source of our life,
for in Your midst is where we belong!

For it is in your presence and in your midst that you have called us,
for it is here, in Your midst, that We belong!!

Writing for the King,

Paul E. Dawn Jr.
(C) June 2007

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Talk To Him

I am thankful for those that the Lord has put into my life, those that I pray with. To know the Lord is in our midst. That He will speak to our hearts and make us sensitive to the Holy Spirit, letting us know how to pray and what to pray for.

Prayer, Worship and Praise is what drives the Heart of God , with supplication and a desire to know Him, not just about Him. Sometimes we just listen, other times, we talk to Him, as a Father. To let him know how we feel, what is on our heart. A time of just being honest to God!

When we take time to come into his presence,. it brings joy to His heart, as we delight in Him, He delights in us!

As we touch the heart of God, He touches ours and He shows us how to love with His love. How to love our families, our friends, our brothers and sisters in the Lord, with His love.

That He will show us what it means to be one with Him. That we have been reunited with Him through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that we have all been made one in the Lord and with each other and that is awesome to think about!

Take time to talk to Him today! Set aside some time to let Him know how much you love and appreciate Him. That He is your Father and you thank Him for revealing Himself to you!!

Let us bless the Lord with our whole heart, with our soul, with our whole being. As the Psalmist David said, “ My mouth is filled with God’s praise. Let everything living bless him, bless his holy name from now to eternity!” (Psalms 145:18-21 – The Message)

Till later,


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Whoa! Don't Hit The Send Key!

The other day, as I sat there at the Rev Coffee Shop, in Smyrna, Georgia, drinking a fresh cup of coffee, thinking, writing, looking out the windows, watching cars drive by and also observing people here in the coffee shop, I begin to wonder what things are on their hearts, their minds today? What battles are they fighting, what stories do they have to tell?

We all have things we can share, thoughts, hopes and dreams. We can build up or we can tear down with the words we share, that we speak, that we type!

We never know what kind of an impact our words will have on others, wether it will be a word that brings, life or death.

As we read James Chapter 3, we see the power that is in that little weapon, the tongue, that it can get us into a lot of trouble, because the word’s we speak, the words we type and the words we send have the power to bring life or death to the heart, to the spirit of someone!

Once that word is spoken or sent out, it is impossible to retrieve. It is like an e-mail we send or a word we speak in the heat of anger, it is gone!

Let us watch over this unruly member, the tongue, to set up a guard in our heart!,

Watch the words that we speak, that we write, that we send!

Take time to sit back and reflect for a little while before we speak or hit the send key.

Till later!


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Why Write About Pain?

Pain is one of the things that I have been dealing with for the last fourteen years. It is part of my normal, everyday life. It never, ever goes away. The medications that I take, dull it and the side effects of the medication cause drowsiness and other effects and because of that I have to rest a lot.

This pain and the side effects are the very things that keep me focused on the Lord, reminding me of how far He has brought me and how much He has been changing me. That I am in the process of changing daily, becoming more like the Lord in heart, in attitude. It is an inner journey, that I am not the same man, that I was fourteen years ago, that I am becoming more conformed to the Lord.

Yes there are days that it takes everything within me to move forward, to go out into the marketplace, to be out in the coffee shops, etc., for those are the very places the Father wants me to be, For it is there that I can focus on others, to look outward, not inward.

It is there that I get to meet new people. To listen, a lot of listening, to encourage, exhort, lift up others. To share the hope, the peace, the rest that I have in the midst of this journey called life. The pain, the things I physically go through maybe my thorn, for they keep me focused and remind me that my strength comes from the Lord.

Yes there are days, I want to let go, but I cannot because I know that the life I live now is because of the Lord, that He has allowed my children and grandchildren to see the changes he has made in me over these last fourteen years. That others can see and know it is the grace of God, that has enabled me to be where I am now spiritually, and emotionality.

Though I’m on full disability and I can’t do the things I used to. I can do what I’ve been called to and that is to go out into the marketplace, where people are. For me it is the coffee shops.

I have met so many awesome people over the years in the coffee shops and made so many new friends. I’ve been able to exhort, encourage and lift others up. In a coffee shop you overhear so many things and many times I feel a sense of the Lord to lift those things to Him in prayer and I do so, others may reap the fruit, but I got the honor of planting the seed, even though I didn’t talk to them personally. I have learned it is important to respond to those promptings of the Lord. In a coffee shop as well as other places, you overhear conversations, even when you don’t want to.

I don’t know exactly why I felt to share this today, but I have learned when the Lord says to write, I write, the rest is up to him!

I hope the words that I have written will encourage you in your walk, in your life, for we all deal with pain, not all of it is physical. He uses the things we go through to make us stronger and enables us to touch others, because we share out of a relationship, out of a life with the Lord, and we share that very life with others, not out of theory but out of a relationship, that our lives reflect that reality, for often our lives speak louder than our words.

Till later,


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"Thin Places: A Memoir" By Mary DeMuth

It has been awhile since I have read a book that really grabbed a hold of me, as did “Thin Places: A Memoir” A book that was raw, open and real. It will touch others who have gone through the hurts, disappointments, the pains and the losses in life and to see Mary’s journey that led to healing.

Her book brought me to a place where I could look back, to see the many “Thin Places” on my journey with cancer, surgeries, divorce and a lost of everything. Where I could see the “Aha” moments, where the Father revealed himself to me, that gave me the strength, the hope to press on. Like others, I will never be the same after reading “Thin Places.”

Thank you Mary!


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