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  1. Wendy Salter says:

    My name is Wendy Salter. I am a published author and a Christian work from home mom from South Georgia. I live on a farm that has been in my family for six generations. I have two books that have been just released on Amazon with two more on the way. I would love to spotlight your blog as a stop on my virtual book tour. As a thank you for hosting me, I would give you a free copy of both ebooks that you could give away to one or two of your followers as a gift or a give-away. Also, I will post something original based on a topic of your choice below in a 200 to 300 word post. In addition, I will boost your blog on my social media, like your social media and follow your blog. Please check me out on my social media and see if you would be interested in featuring me and my books on your blog. I appreciate you and look forward to working with you soon.

    With warmest wishes,
    Wendy Salter

    Contact Info:
    GoodReads: wendy-salter
    Pinterest: booksbywsalter
    Books by Wendy Salter on Amazon:
    Facebook: booksbywendysalter
    Twitter: @WendySalterBook

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