You May Never Know

“In 2012 let us share the heart of the Father, to share the hope of the new life that we have in Christ!!”

“Don’t ever think that what you write or share is not important, for it is. There have been a number of times as I have visited or blogged by so many other blogs, that a word shared, a thought expressed, was the very word that I needed at that moment, at that time, that made me to realize that I was indeed hearing from my Father, that I was not alone, for others have walked this path also. So thank you my many friends for sharing, for being real, for allowing the Lord to use you to express His heart so many times.”

“You may never know who you have touched, or brought freedom to. That which you shared might be the key that opens the door of their hearts to the Lord, to received from Him, that which He has for them, as it causes them to open up to Him.”

“Don’t be afraid to write, to share, to speak, allow the Lord to use you as a key to open the hearts of others to receive the healing word, the healing power, the healing touch of the life, that breath from God that will breathe life into their hearts, to the spirit and bring restoration to them.”

“Thank you my friends, for being the hand of God extended, for sharing, for giving, even when you didn’t realize that you have given a word, whether written or spoken, that has rekindle the fire, the passion of the Lord within and causing me, as well as others to pursue the Lord with all that is with in.”



aka The Mayor 🙂



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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