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She's Gone!!

I just watched an old friend be hauled off, to be recycled and used for something else, what, I will never know. It brought a little sadness to my heart as I watched her be towed away. I always referred … Continue reading

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At His Feet!

There is just something about waking with the praise of the Lord on your lips and a sense of hope in your heart! Knowing the Father is with you, opening your heart and given you a rest and assuring your … Continue reading

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From The Journal

“Father, forgive me for my failures, for not always yielding to you in the midst of the battles.” “Renew a clean heart and right spirit in me! Let me dwell in you and be made whole! I need you Father, … Continue reading

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 I am grounded, literally grounded 🙂 It all began Saturday night on my way home from an awesome meeting. On the way home I made a wrong turn and was lost, on a small two lane road, dark, when I … Continue reading

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What Do You See?

It always amazing me how the Lord does things when we least expect it, as He did the other night at The Serene Bean Wednesday night’s are open mike night at The Serene Bean, where you have everything from music, … Continue reading

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