A Song Within!


Stir a song within Father, Stir a Song within!

A song of release, a song of liberty, of wholeness, of restoration, of wooing, that draws us in to you, to a place of oneness, of holiness, of intimacy!

A place of hearing your breath, the breath of life, the breath of restoration!

A Song of hope, of deliverance, a song of freedom, of release!

A song of hope you have given us. A song that will touch others with a hope, that is birthed in you, that brings an expectancy within.

A song that causes us to look into your eyes Father, to behold the beauty of our salvation, of hope!

A song sung to our heart, that speaks deep unto deep, a song that says, “Here I am, follow me!”

A song that says rise up, be one with me and let us walk together!

A song that will lead us in your ways, that will put our feet on solid ground, a song that will light the way before us.

Teach us this day, Father, A new song, a song of hope, a song of rest, a song of freedom!

Let us even now, this day, break forth in your song, A song of Hope!

Till Later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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