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Stir Us Father!

Stir Our Hearts, Father Release us, let us not hold back! Bring release, touch our lives, even this day. Rise up in us Lord! Renew a right spirit within! Romance us Father, let us known you intimately. Breathe on us, … Continue reading

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There is just something about sitting here in the early morning hours, looking out the bay windows,oil lamp lit, the sounds of the morning, of a new day dawning, the birds welcoming the day in song. Knowing that today, is … Continue reading

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In the midst of a world that is scattered, following it’s own path, there is an awakening that is taken place in the hearts of men and women, from the youngest to the oldest, the Spirit of the Lord, the … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds Are Coming!

Sitting in my recliner the other night, looking out of the bay windows, watching some of the biggest, meanest looking dark clouds roll in. The wind blowing, thunder and lightening, what a show! You know what am doing? I am … Continue reading

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