Father, Your Are Here, Always!


One of the things that I have learned this day, is He is here, always!

In the midst of the battle of the day, when it feels as if our strength, our hopes, our dreams are ebbing away, that our heart crie’s out, “Father, Father, I need you, I want you.”

We cry out, “Lord, I feel so alone, I feel as one cast away but yet I know in my heart, that you here, always here.”

“Lord, it does not matter what my mind says or what my heart feels, you at all time are always here, just a breath away.”

That gives such peace and rest to our heart, to our soul, to our spirit, to realize He is always here!

We all have days we want to pack it in, give it up, let go but we are not our own. We are His and our Father watches over us at all times. He is but a heartbeat away, waiting on us to call Him!

If you this day feel like you are at the end, look up, draw strength from the Lord, from the Father.

Allow the Spirit of the Lord to work in you and know that He, at all times, is here!!



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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