It’s A Starbucks Night!

Just got here a little while ago and I am enjoying a nice hot cup of the house blend coffee.

Recently, as I sat down at my favorite spot, a young gentlemen at a table near me introduced himself, asking if I was from Texas, of course with the cowboy hat on, I said yep.

It is always amazing how the Lord will open doors for us to be able to reach out and encourage others. To listen and to hear their hearts.

As we began to talk I found out that he was a fellow Christian, a theological student and we where able to share and encourage one another in the faith and hopefully those around us.

As I share often, it is when we say, “Here I am Lord, use me.” He will. He will give us opportunities no matter where we are to share with others. To be an encourager.

So, I guess you would say, that I indeed have a coffee cup ministry. That it is in the fellowship over a cup of coffee or tea, that the Lord allows us to touch others for Him. To plant seeds of hope.

Even as we put our hands to the keyboard, the Lord allows us to encourage others to share what He has written upon their hearts.

It is not an accident that you write or share. It is an opportunity to travel the world via the internet and link with others and encourage them, serving them through this medium called the net, blogging. Linking together!

I shared recently with a friend, what is our motivation for writing? For Blogging? Is it to encourage others, to build them up or to see how many commets we get? If we don’t get comments do we say, no more, that’s it?

Our motivation should be that of a servant, to serve others, to encourage them in the Lord, in their walk, to lift them up in prayer, to write from the heart of God. That others can see that we can walk in the Lord now. That we can share from the heart the things that He has written upon, that He has made real in our lives.

Rejoice my friends, even when you don’t receive comments, know that there are lives that are being touched, even though you might not know this side of heaven.


Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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