And In This Corner!!

I have a confession!

I lost it, I really lost it. This old boy, did something I have never done in over thirty years.

My son-in-law and I were having a dispute, tempers where hot and when I couldn’t get him to hush up, I did what any good Christian brother and father-in-law would do, I punched him. [Don’t think that is biblically based :-)]

I still can’t believe that I did that, nor could he, so things went from bad to worse.

We switched cars, I rode with my youngest daughter and my son-in-law, rode with his wife.

My daughter’s could not believe that I punched him either, again, neither could I, so He had every right to be a tad bit upset.

In the mean time the Lord was dealing with me, and I am sure He was dealing with him also.

I think at this time the Lord was trying to get a point across to both of us. As we were traveling further down the road, the engine on his car began to smoke and we had to pull over.

We opened the hood and steam was pouring out, the engine was over heating.

We made peace with each other and ask the Lord’s forgiveness, as well as our families. We sent my daughters back to the nearest town to try and make some calls, leaving my son-in-law and me beside the road to wait.

We checked out the car and found that the top hose to the radiator was blown!

We took time to pray and ask the Lord’s forgiveness for our attitudes and comments to one another and ask for His presence for the rest of the time here in Texas and with all that was going on.

We also ask the Lord to send us someone to help us take care of the hose problem.
About 15 minutes later, two men stopped and ask if they could help.

They had the right tools to take off the hose, cut the bad part off, stretch it, put it back on and went and got some water and helped us to get on down the road.

We were able to get to a pay phone, call my daughters to cancel Triple A and get back on the road again.

So what the enemy meant to use to try and destroy and upset all the upcoming events here in Texas, was turned around.

I found out this old boy still has some areas for the Lord to work on.

I am glad that the Lord’s love and mercy are new everyday and His grace is sufficient.

Till later,


P.S. We rode the rest of the trip to Junction together, talking and sharing and amazed at the events. Stay tuned for the wildcat in the car!!


About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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