Are you flickering?

I have been up since around 04:30 this morning, just sitting here at my desk. Checking e-mail, reading comments and I found myself looking at my oil lamp and observing it a little more.

It always amazes me how the Lord will take the simple things in life, those things around us, to teach us the greatness of who He is and His love for us and how much He wants to reveal Himself.

As I was observing the lamp, as I lit the wick, the flame began to flicker, as the breeze from the fan was trying to put it out.

But the moment I put the globe on the oil lamp, there was a steadiness, a brighter light, a steady flame that gave off a glow that illuminated everything around it. I was able to see and I was able to do that which was set before me to do because of the light.

The globe is a covering. A protection, a shelter that protects the flame, that keeps it from being blown out.

The covering of the Lord, the Spirit, is like the globe, it covers, protects us. It enables us to walk in the strength and power of the Lord in the midst of the batles and storms of life when the winds blow, when everything seems to be caving in. It is then that we abide under the covering of the Lord.

It is during the storms and the battles and during the times that we abide in the Lord, under the covering of His presence that we begin to shine forth, that we are able to see, and that the light, the Christ within shine forth and not only lets us see but lets others see also.

It is as we abide in the Lord that we draw strength from Him. Strength to walk the path that we are on.

There is so much we can learn each day as we walk with the Lord, as we abide Him, that He will begin to reveal Himself to us in the every day things of life. That we will see Him going before us. Never leaving or forsaking us.

It is as we abide under the coverning of the Lord that we grow in strength, that we have hope and others will see the flame of Christ shine forth, that we will be able to glow for the Lord and shine forth in a world full of darkness.

We are a people of hope, that the Lord has brought us out of darkness into the light and opened our eyes that we might see and know Him even more as we abide in His presence and in His word.

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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