Under Control?

Just when you think you have everything under control, POW, you don’t!!

Today was actually a super day. A real presence of the Lord, a super morning at Starbucks. Met two new brothers in the Lord and just had a good day in general.

The afternoon went well and then this evening I open my mouth and inserted my foot but I guess none of you have done that.

Actually I butted into a conversation my son-in-law was having with his youngest son, when I should have kept quiet. I got angry because my son-in-law when I asked him if I was butting in, said yes, and boy did that do a number on my pride and what did this “mature man of God do?”

I grab my coat and hat, walked out the door and slammed it behind me and took a walk to the little park down the street. I found a nice spot to sit and just began to talk to the Lord and let Him know how I was feeling, hoping to get some sympathy.

But being a Father, He in His mercy and grace began to show me more areas that I thought I had in control that needed to be dealt with, that I needed to yield to Him, especially my tongue, that little tool, that can produce life or death.

I was so mad that I was shaking and it only made me madder because I knew I was wrong and I was embarrassed at being wrong and I knew that I would have to apologize and allow the Lord to continue to work in me to bring to the surface the things that needed to be dealt with.

As they are brought to the surface and removed we then begin to become more and more like the Lord, being transformed and conformed to His character.
I also knew that I could not allow the night to end with anger still on my heart and again, it was my son-in-law who took that first step toward forgiveness even though I was the one at fault. So there was healing and forgiveness and the enemy lost another battle.

Sometimes it is hard for us as parents not to want to step in and say this is the way that I would do it, not realizing that we are undermining the authority of our grand children’s parents as I did earlier this evening.

I am so thankful to the Lord for watching over me and being with me. To teach me anew what it means to walk with Him and be conformed to Him so that I could be the example to my children and grand children.

That they would see that I am still a work in progress and that we are always of being molded and shaped by the Lord to become more like Him in our walk, in our relationship with Him, with our families and friends and with others.

We are all a work in progress and we are learning day by day what it means to be more and more like the Lord!!

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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