Where Ever We Go, There He Is!!

Today was an amazing day!

The Lord never ceases to amaze me how He does things. The doors He opens, the people that we meet.

When I went to Starbucks this morning for my morning coffee, to sit and read, write and just ponder things for awhile I noticed a group of men sitting where I normally sit and I just sensed a presence of the Lord so I went and sat near them.

They were talking about the Lord, the word, just fellowshipping and after awhile I was fellowshipping with them and I gained four new brothers in the Lord as we talked and shared over the next couple of hours. It indeed was a blessing from the Lord!

It reminded me today that no matter where we go or where we are, that the presence of the Lord is with us. It is not limited to a church building. The presence of the Lord is were two or three or gathered together in His name. It can be in church, on the front porch or sitting here at Starbucks or Isaacks Restaurant back in Junction, Texas, drinking coffee and fellowshipping with new friends.

The presence of the Lord is with you when it is just Him and you. When your in prayer, reading the word or just enjoying His creation. His presence is with us at home, at work, in whatever we do if we but allow Him to be there. That we can enjoy His presence, His Spirit.

Each day we are given the chance, the opportunity to reflect Him. To be ourselves in the Lord, that we live in the power of His spirit, reflecting the reality of that new life that we have in Him.

Yes, we stumble at times, we make mistakes, but we get back up, we press in and pursue Him and move forward. Each time that we get back up and press in, we become stronger in our walk with the Lord, for our dependency is on Him, not ourselves.

Each day is a new day. A new revelation of who He is in our life. That we indeed can walk in His ways, knowing that where ever we go there He is, if we will but allow Him to shine forth from our hearts, from our spirit, that He will draw others to want to know more about Him.

As His presence did this morning. It drew me to have fellowship with four new friends and brothers in the Lord!

Is that not awesome?

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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