New Doors, New Opportunities and Launching Out!

The thing that has really amazed me the little time that I have been here in Kennesaw, Georgia, is the number of people that the Lord has put me into contact with.

I was at Starbucks this morning with my son Joshua and daughter Gloria, sitting in my favorite spot just visiting and talking, enjoying time with my son before he heads back to Colorado Springs.

While sitting here we struck up a number of conversations with people coming in for their coffee and waiting for it and we would just begin to talk and during this time I made new friends and connected with fellow believers.

The Lord will always open doors when we make ourselves available to Him. He gives us opportunities to share, to write, to talk and visit with others if we but say here I am Lord, use me!

Again this evening, I am sitting here at Starbucks and the Lord again has open opportunities to share what He is doing in my life and with Hill Country Thoughts.

The people here at Starbucks are some of the friendliest people that I have ever met and I look forward to many visits while in Kennesaw.

I really am at peace here. It is like the Lord is moving me another notch in the direction that He wants me to go at this point in my life. I will be here for awhile in Kennesaw while I am waiting for my Social Security hearing, then I will go back for the hearing, to pick up my car and come back here for a season.

I want to encourage you my friends to launch out, to allow the Lord to lead you in new paths, in new ways. To expand your tent pegs.

Let 2005 be a year that we allow the Lord to use us to the fullest, to expand His purposes in our lives. Let it be a year of expectation!

New doors, new opportunities and launching out in the Lord. Let that be the cry of our heart. Sense the excitement of the Hope of the Christ within, to be alive in 2005. Let life flow forth from the words we write, the things that we speak, let us be moved by the impulse of His love.

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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