Child Like Faith!!

Last Sunday mornings service was really awesome at Junction First United Methodist Church.

It is always amazing how the Lord will do things to catch out attention, to make a point and to show us how simple things can be, especially through the eyes of a child.

What happen Sunday morning could not have been planned any better. As Pastor Scott began the service, two little boys, ages five or six, boldly came to the front and got up at the pulpit. One sitting with the Liturgist and one with the pastor, with their own hymnals and joined in the service as if they had been doing it all their little lives.

They were about five or six years old and their faith shined forth in such away that you could not but help get the message of a child like faith and boldness.

They were like a miniature Arron and Hur who lifted up the arms of Moses. These two young men where lifting the arms as it where of Pastor Scott and you could see the joy it brought to the Pastor’s heart and the smile on his face, as well as the congregation.

To see such boldness, no fear, a sense of knowing that they knew they were where the Lord wanted them to be that morning. Standing with the Pastor.

That we would have such a child like faith and boldness and no fear of what others might think. They stepped out and open the hearts of many that morning!

Let us ask the Lord for that child like faith, that boldness, that we too would step out as they did and be bold with our faith and our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and step out for Him.

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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