Friendship and Prayers!!

If there is one thing that I am really thankful for today is the friends that the Lord has brought into my life over the last couple of years and especially in the last few months.

Lewis and I have been praying daily every morning, Tuesday through Friday when he is not out of town and we also pray on Sunday mornings with the Pastor for the Sunday services.

There is always a sense of the presence of the Lord. That as we pray the day just flows a lot easier and it is a preparation for the day. It is a time that we can lift up our town, our leadership, our community and our pastors. To pray for the spiritual growth of our community, for our schools and the students.

It is really a privilege to be able to go into the presence of the Lord and to be able to pray and to know that the Lord is as thrilled to be with us as we are to be with Him.

Prayer is such a vital part of all that we do as we give the Lord the first fruits of our heart by lifting Him up in praise and worship and letting Him rule and reign in our lives.

I am also thankful for the friends that the Lord has given me through Hill Country Thoughts. For those that encourage me such as Weebie, Tammy, Dishpan Dribble, Kat, Meesh, Lawrence, Bob, Denise, Susan, Geannie, Nancze, Pam, Sparrow, Amy, Marla, Donna, Rita, Romi and the many, many others who leave comments, or tag me or send e-mails. You my friends have blessed me more than words can express and for that I am so very thankful.

You each are unique and a blessing and there is not a day that I don’t lift you all in prayer.

Thank you also to my friends at For giving me the opportunity to be part of what God is doing with Crossmap. A special blessing to Roy, Jessica and to the whole Crossmap Team for I know that they all have a heart for the Lord and the Lord is using them to create a Christian portal on the net that brings honor and glory to the Lord.

So I just want to say blessings to all my fellow bloggers, to my fellow writers on Crossmap. May the Lord richly bless you all as you put your hand to keyboard or pen and as you share that which the Lord has put on your heart for this day!

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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