Backpacking For The Lord!

No, not the type of backpacking you do when your hiking, or climbing a mountain, or on a high adventure. Nothing like that at all.

I thought I would just be a little humerous today and talk about my handy dandy backpack as one of my blogging friends, Weebie calls it.

It all started when on one of the blogs, they were talking about purses and what they carry in them and of course, not being a woman, (they were even talking about purses that have a built in light, so when you open it up you can see what is in it, for a writer, that is a novel idea [pun intended]) I don’t carry a purse, it just would not be big enough for me 🙂

My backpack and I travel together, everywhere. To Isaack’s or Sunshine Cafe when I go for breakfast and spend time at my favorite booth reading, writing into my journal or my article and then typing it into my electronic notebook. I take it to Church, to Sunday School, anywhere and everywhere. Wherever I go, it goeth!

Now what do I carry in my backpack? Let’s see, I have everything that I need for writing, taking notes. You need a pen, I got it, a stapler, yep, have that too, oh, you need some paper to take notes, yep. You prefer a pencil to a pen, got those. Clip board, yep, several of those. You know, you got to have something solid to write on. You say you need some 3X5 index cards, hey, I got it. Highlighters, a number of those also. I am beginning to think that I have a mini office supply in my backpack.

Also carry my AphaSmart 3000 electronic notebook in it. Hmm, paper clips, clips for holding things open. Oh yeah, a couple of books that I am reading and lets not forget my daily journal, my to do list, calendar and that is about it I think.

Munchies, hey, I put a small pack of carrots in one of those pockets and I am seriously thinking about adding a small thermos for coffee, or water, or tea. Wow, I could survive for a couple of days if I fill those extra pockets up with health food type snacks. Got to keep my youngest daughter happy, as well as the rest of the family. Would you believe I have gone a whole week, I mean a whole week with no bread, that I have been eating salads and veggies, ok, I did cheat a little, I had a medium size order of fries and gravy with my coffee today. But don’t tell my daughter 🙂

Hmm, I feel like I am forgetting something, Ah, I know what I forgot, my cell phone is clipped to the outside of the backpack. I could add a extra set of car keys just in case I lock the others in the car.

Hmm, now I wonder where I sat that backpack down?

Sometimes, the Lord just wants us to sit back and smile and enjoy the day, friends and those around us and be just a little silly once in awhile. It is ok. Laughter is like a medicine and today has been one of those days, that I just sense the Lord saying, Paul lighten up, relax and enjoy the day that I have given you.

So I rejoice in the Lord, have a smile on my face, and I took the challenge of my friend Weebie, to write about my handy dandy backpack. We give cars and other things names. Do you think I ought to give my backpack a name?

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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