Good Afternoon Lord!

“Good afternoon Lord”

“Good afternoon Paul!”

“Sure is a beautiful day. I really am enjoying the rain, the cool breeze and the peace of your presence.”

“Thank you. I really like it when you take time to visit with me. I am always blessed to visit with my children. It’s a time for them to get to know me and for me to know them. It really does My heart good when my children take time to talk to me, wither in the morning or in the evening or anytime during the day, it thrills me to hear their voices.”

“You mean we can really bring joy to your heart, it’s that important to you?”

“Yes, I have always enjoyed communicating with my children. I love having that heart to heart relationship with them. I enjoy the times of fellowship, of laughter, of joy and in the times of sorrow, of hurt, of fear, even then I am there to comfort my children.”

“We have made things awfully complicated at times haven’t we?”

“Yes, at times you do”

“Lord, will you teach us how to communicate and share with you?”


“It is a matter of becoming still and allowing me to reveal myself to you. I know it is not easy to be still and quiet with so many things going on but as you continue to come into my presence, you will come to that place of quietness and rest. Often times I will speak through my word, through those that I send your way and in the times that you simply come into my presence and allow me to bring you to a place of stillness in me so that I can speak to your heart.”

“You mean like your doing right now, even as I am writing this sitting here at Isaacks?”


“Lord thank you for the peace and rest that I sense this morning. Lord I ask that you would touch the hearts of those that read Hill Country Thoughts today. That you would bring peace and rest, comfort to those this morning who are going through the battles of life and that you would lead them in this day. Give them hope and let them see you with a new heart and a new spirit. Restore to them that which has been taken away and Lord thank you for your Son Jesus, who has open the door into your presence.”

“Your welcome.”

“Remember that I look forward to spending time with you. I always have time for my children.”

Till later,



About Paul E. Dawn Jr. aka The Mayor :-)

Father/Grandfather/VeteranWriter/Cancer Survivor
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